Book Traveling Thursdays: A book I want to read this summer

Every week, Danielle (from Danielle’s Book Blog) and Cátia (from TheGirlWhoReadTooMuch) host a feature called Book Traveling Thursdays on Goodreads. They give you a topic each Thursday and you choose a book that you think fits. Then comes the fun part: a cover showdown! You post the original cover, the cover from your country (which I won’t be doing because the books aren’t published here), and then your favorite and least favorite cover from any edition around the world.

This week’s topic is a book I want to read this summer. This one was an easy pick Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Albertalli because I’ve been hearing amazing things about it ever since it came out (pun not intended… well, maybe a little bit intended) and it seems like a cute fluffy read, perfect for summer. So let’s check the covers out:




This is the original US cover and the most popular because there aren’t many variations and I don’t think any new editions exist yet because the book is quite new.  I think it’s very eye-catching. I like the contrasting colors and the playful irregular font on the speech bubble. It’s fun, so I’m hoping the novel will be as well.



19547856   28511331


My favorite covers are the original US and the Dutch one. I think the cookie is cute and I’m guessing it has a significance or else I’ll think this cover is really strange. I really like that it kept the colors but the design went for something completely different, like a superhero theme. That’s something I like to see sometimes in different editions, a different take, but that you can still relate to the original somehow.




This one is from Vietnam. Imagine you’ve never heard of this book and you see this cover. What is it telling you? No, sorry, what is it yelling at you? LGBTQIA+ REPRESENTATION HERE, RIGHT HERE, LOOK AT IT! It is so over the top. Not only does it have the rainbow flag on top of the hands, but they deemed necessary to also add the little rainbow heart. If it had just been the little heart, maybe I would have liked it, but both things is trying to hard.

Do you agree Vietnam’s cover is over the top? Have you read this book? Does a cookie play a part on the story? (No spoilers please!)

13 thoughts on “Book Traveling Thursdays: A book I want to read this summer

    1. I love them because of that too! I’ve noticed several things, for example, the Dutch covers tend to be super terrible or pretty cool, there’s usually no in between. And Russia has been, with one incredible exception, consistently awful. I really would like to know if they like the covers there and if it’s just a cultural difference.

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  1. A few weeks ago or maybe longer I remember seeing this book everywhere. It sounds very interesting. I agree with you about the Vietnam cover. It’s just too much! The original is pretty cool though.

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  2. I cannot agree more with the Vietnam one! WHAT IS GOING ON?!
    i actually really like the Dutch one. It took me a while to actually decide whether I did or not but I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s actually created quite nicely. I think it’s pretty damn cute. 💙

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