Celebrating the Little Things Tag

I’m back! The hiatus was longer than I expected, but today I’m doing a fun and positive tag to get me back into blogging. I was tagged Alyssa @Book Huntress World, Emily @Rose Read, and Lauren @Wonderless Reviews. Thank you all!

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The Handwriting Tag

Kayla @Kdrewkthebookworm tagged me to do the handwriting tag, which I think is pretty fun, so I gave it a go! Thank you Kayla 😊 Be sure to check out her blog!

The rules are simple: write down the following answers in a piece of paper, take a picture and post it. I’ll write the questions and the people I tagged so you can understand them better and so that the other bloggers can be notified. Continue reading “The Handwriting Tag”

This or That Tag

I was tagged by Ugnė @My Passion is Happiness and Jessica @Pore Over the Pages to do the This or That Tag. Thank you both! Be sure to check out their answers and blogs 🙂


1. Mention the creator of the tag (Ayunda @Tea and Paperbacks).
2. Thank the blogger who tagged you!
3. Choose one out of the two options. (You don’t have to explain why you chose what you did… only if you wanted to!)
4. Tag 10 other people to do this tag to spread the love!

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The Alphabet Book Tag

Today I’ll be doing the Alphabet Book Tag, introduced to me by Lauren @Comma Hangover. Thank you for tagging me 🙂

The rules are pretty simple:

Pick a book that is on your shelf or one that you have read in the past and fill out each letter of the Alphabet. The idea is to use books that you have either read or that are on your TBR list.

Then, you identify which books are ‘read’ and which ‘to be read’. Books I’ve read will be followed by a check mark ✓, so the rest will be the ones on my TBR list. I tried my best to pick books that I’ve not mentioned before on the blog so you can discover new ones. Let’s check them out!

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The Zombie Apocalypse Tag

I was tagged by Monique @That Wild Soul to do the Zombie Apocalypse Tag, which is extremely fun. Be sure to check out her answers and her blog!


1. Choose 5 books from your shelves.
2. Randomly set your books in order.
3. Flip to a random page. Record the first 2 names you see.
4. Put the names in the categories listed below, in the order that you saw them.

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The Food-Snack Book Tag

Today I’m doing the food-snack book tag! Thanks to this I realized that I don’t often snack while reading because I tend to be very concentrated and barely even move. Maybe with audio-books is easier? I was tagged by the lovely Zoey from Magiverse, so be sure to check out her blog and read her answers for this tag as well. Now let’s get to it!

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Outlander Tag


Today I’ll be doing the Outlander Tag based on Diana Gabaldon’s time traveling/historical fiction/romance series. Thank you Zoey from Magiverse for tagging me! It has only one rule to follow: Do not use Outlander as an answer. I only read the first book and, though I wasn’t a fan, I do love time travel and the questions are fun, so let’s check them out! Continue reading “Outlander Tag”