Review Policy

Review policy

First of all, thank you for considering me to review your book!

I’m happy to promote books that feature diversity on my website, so #ownvoices are specially welcome here. Still, please keep in mind that featuring diversity doesn’t automatically mean that I will review your book. You can check my About Me page to know a little more about what genres I enjoy.

About my reviews

My reviews are meant for other readers and they are 100% honest. If I dislike a book, I will clearly and respectfully explain my reasons. All reviews include the blurb of the book, basic information (title, author, release date and Goodreads link) and a star rating based on the Goodreads’ system, as they will also be published there.

1star   1 star: I did not like it at all, wouldn’t recommend it.

2stars   2 stars: I probably wouldn’t recommend it, but it had some redeeming qualities.

3stars   3 stars: it was okay. I liked it, but it failed in some aspects.

4stars   4 stars: I really liked it, but it’s not an all time favorite.

5stars   5 stars: Favorite book alert! I loved it and probably would re-read.

If I received a book for review, I will put a clear disclosure at the beginning of the review, e.g. This book was provided by X for review.

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