Books I Loved In 2016

2016 has come to an end and it’s always fun to look back and check what we’ve accomplished. I set up my goal for 50 books, which for me was a lot, and I did it! Of course, not all the books were favorites, so I wanted to share with you the ones that I truly loved here.

It was hard, but I narrowed them down as much as I could and divided them into two categories: Novels and Others. They are in no particular order and I only put the first book of the series because I’m lazy (sorry). Let’s check them out!

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Favorite BookTubers

Every time I feel like I need a little reading inspiration, I’m sure to check some YouTube videos of lovely people talking about books. Nothing makes me want to read more than people showing their TBR piles, seeing their book hauls, or listening to their thoughts on their latest reads. Here I have a few BookTubers with genres and opinions similar to mine that I want to share with you. Check them out: Continue reading “Favorite BookTubers”

A book for each of my favorite genres

Today I’ve compiled a little list where I chose one book per genre I love to recommend to you in just a few words. The genres I’ll be talking about are classic, fantasy, young adult, historical fiction, mystery/thriller, and short stories. I think each of the books represents its genre pretty well and I’ve enjoyed them all very much, so I hope that you can pick any of these up and give them a chance. Go ahead and check them out:

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