Uninspired stories, uninspired blogging

I haven’t been posting much this year. Not only has life been hectic, but reading-wise, it has been a disappointment. Book after book, I found uninspired stories and characters. Most have been such a letdown that it made me stay away from blogging altogether. Nothing has truly made me want to write a review.

But I do not want to quit blogging. I’m sure there are still books out there I’ll want to talk about. A couple I even reviewed, but never published the posts; others I haven’t found yet. The thing about reading uninspiring stories is that it makes for uninspired blogging. There’s nothing to write passionately about.

I’ve talked about ‘meh’ books before. It’s tough talking about reads you don’t really know how you feel about or that did nothing for you. Uninspired books are those that do not surprise you, that follow the same pattern and tropes every other writer is using, that don’t go deeper into their plots and stay with shallow characters.

Maybe I pick the wrong books or maybe I read too much of the same genre. I’m not sure. But I still love when I find a book that captivates me and offers me something unique. I just wanted to write this post to let you know that although I might not be around that much, you can still expect to see the occasional post from me and that I’m constantly on the lookout for those unique reads.


8 thoughts on “Uninspired stories, uninspired blogging

  1. I totally get what your saying. You might be onto something when you suggest branching out to find another genre. Have you tried finding new books on Goodreads? I won’t be blogging without them. Especially, since I am not a fan of YA, or Romance, or other popular genres. .

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    1. I branched out towards graphic novels because they’re easy to read and fun and that has seem to helped a little! I think I had a fantasy overdose before that and nothing impressed me anymore 😛 I’ll definitely try using Goodreads to discover new books. Thank you ❤

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  2. Yep, I totally know what you mean.
    This year has been… like, my anti-reading anti-blogging anti-everything bookish related year.
    I hardly read, I don’t write, and I don’t blog.
    Which frustrates me to no end, especially when I see so many others experiencing the same thing around here.
    I’m really sorry it’s happening to you – it’s terrible :/
    Let’s beat it, though, okay? (:

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  3. I’ve felt a lot of the YA books I’ve read recently have been “meh” or really just sounded like 10 other books I’ve already read. Usually when I’m in a place like that, I turn back to rereading old favorites, particularly classics.

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    1. That’s a nice thing to do. I think I read too many fantasy novels with similar ideas and other books without anything unique to them. I’ll step away from fantasy for a little while and search for completely different books and hopefully it’ll help 🙂


  4. I am happy to read you’re not going to quit 🙂 I think that can sometimes be an easy option when these sort of situations arise. But I think for those of us who love reading, we will always come back to it, even it takes some time to find the right kind of book to reignite that love. Blogging can always wait patiently for your return ^^ Here’s hoping you find one sooner than later~

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