Reading ALL Around the World

I’m constantly looking to expand my reading and this time around I don’t mean just different genres. I mean reading about different people, cultures, and places too.

Finally, from this year on, I’m taking a step towards that goal. Jean, from Howling Frog Books, is hosting the Reading ALL Around the World club and I’m joining it! Here I explain the challenge a bit, but for the detailed description and sign up page, go HERE.

separadorHOW DOES IT WORK?


✱ Sign up at the page linked above.
✱ Read books from 50+ countries or all of them! The number depends on you.
✱ Choose either fiction by a writer living in/from the country, OR a non-fiction book about it.
✱ You can decide on a timeline, but don’t worry if you don’t make it. There are no time constraints.
✱ Keep track of your reading on your blog.
✱ When you reach your goal, celebrate!

What finally made me join in is the fact that I can go at my own pace and set my own goals. I’m not committing to a timeline at the moment and my end goal is to read from ALL the countries, but as that might prove hard, I’ll start with the ones I can find and don’t stress if I can’t actually accomplish the whole thing.

Also, I’m working with Jean on the graphics and I’m coming up with badges for participants to win and put on their blogs. I’m very excited about the whole idea and I think it’s not only great as a long-term project, but a cool way to approach reading more diversely.

I really hope this project grows and everyone that joins in can share their own experience with it. I can’t wait to see where it goes!

Please remember to check Jean’s sign up page (linked above) for the full details.

What do you think? Are you joining us?

30 thoughts on “Reading ALL Around the World

  1. This challenge looks really fun, but my goal for 2017 is to read all the books from my TBR, so I won’t be joining you 😦 But good luck!! ❤

    Also, if you'd like a recommendation for Portugal, I remember reading Maria Teresa Maia Gonzalez's books when I was a little bit younger and I enjoyed them a lot. My favorite was 'A Lua de Joana' (I don't remember the title in English, I'm sorry!! But I know it was translated into a lot of languages, so English was one of them probably). It's a really short book, so you could even read it in one day 😀

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    1. That sounds like a great goal for 2017! Good luck with it 😀 This challenge goes a long way, so maybe you could join next year if you want 🙂 Thank you so much for the recommendation, it’s really helpful. I’ll write it down on my list so I won’t forget it!

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  2. This sounds so fun! I’d loooove to join it and read more about other countries but I already plan to read more about other races & LGBTQIA+ this year haha buuut if anyone ever needs a book recommendation from my country (that is Indonesia) I have a lot that’s already been translated to English 😀

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  3. This challenge sounds interesting! I don’t think I can do this though, since I’ll surely have a hard time finding the books. Hey, if you’d like recommendations of good Filipino books, I’d love to give you some! 🙂

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      1. I hope it’ll be a fun journey for you!

        And yay! Here we go:

        For classics (and maybe you’ve even heard of them), I highly recommend “Noli Me Tangere” and “El Filibusterismo” by Jose Rizal. This is a duology, and set during the Spanish colonial era in the Philippines. The books are originally written in Spanish, so you can even opt to read them in that language 🙂

        Another good book for me is “The Feet of Juan Bacnang” by F. Sionil Jose. This was a required reading for my literature class back in college, and I was surprised to really like it as it’s not the type of book I usually read. It’s mostly political in nature, but I guess that makes it perfect for this challenge since you’ll really get an insight into Philippine politics and culture.

        For the more contemporary ones: I recommend Mina V Esguerra’s books! She mostly writes NA books, and some of them are even available to read for free on watppad. Just search for @minaVE. Her ebooks are very cheap in amazon, as well. My personal favorite among her contemporary books is “My Imaginary Ex”. She also has a sort of fantasy series called “Interim Goddess of Love” which is loosely based on Philippine folklore and mythology. I think you can read a preview of it on wattpad 🙂

        Ahhh, there’s many more that I’d like to recommend but I don’t think those books have English translations. Still, these ones I’ve mentioned are definitely on top of my favorite local books list. Hope you enjoy them!! :))

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      2. AAAhh this is awesome Ara, thank you so much! I hope I can find some of them in the library, it would be awesome to read them in Spanish if possible. I’m saving all the titles on a document so I won’t forget them (that’s how I keep track of the challenge for now :P).

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      3. You’re welcome, and thanks for considering my recs, too! There’s no greater feeling in the world 😀 Hope you do find and enjoy reading them ❤

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  4. Also, I came across this great article a few weeks ago, about the books for required reading in different countries. You may want to check it out for this challenge 🙂 I’ll link it to you when I get home haha.


  5. This challenge is so cool!! It’s such a wonderful idea! Reading you post reminded me of a TED Talk video I watched a couple of months back of a woman with a very similar aim. She managed to read a book from every single country in one year. I managed to find the link again, in case you might find it useful: I might be able to join in at some point in the future, though not for now. Good luck with this! 😀

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