October & Halloween Readathon Wrap-Up

October came and went so fast! I joined Lauren’s 👻 Halloween Readathon 🎃, so I’ll be including my wrap-up for that in here as well. I was in a bit of a blogging slump because I had so much else to do, so sitting down to write a discussion post became impossible. I couldn’t even think of topics. Hopefully, now that I’m not working full-time, November will go better in that front! Also, I’m hoping to focus on ARCs and requested reviews this month, because I’ve neglected them until now (sorry!). But for the moment, let’s check how October went 😊



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  • The Call was a gripping story where an ancient fairy race in Ireland are taking teenagers and hunting them down. Only few escape. It was nerve-wracking and the main character was badass, so an entertaining read.
    🎃 Readathon category: Haunted House – Supernatural/Paranormal read
  • Spring Delusions was an eclectic and nice short poetry collection with interesting illustrations done by the author accompanying each poem.
  • Marrow was a mess. It tells the story of a girl who takes matters into her own hands when she sees injustice all around her. So much potential wasted. I didn’t like how disability was portrayed or treated within the book and the plot and the pacing were all over the place.
    🎃 Readathon category: Urban legends – Horror/Thriller read
  • Anna Dressed in Blood was an entertaining gory read with a Buffy vibe, which I appreciated. Overall, though, the book lacked something for me. It was just meh.
    🎃 Readathon category: Costume Party – Creepy cover
  • The Beauty was my favorite read of the month. This novella is beautifully written and captivating. Set in a world where all women have died from a strange disease, it deals with gender roles, power and equality in society.
    🎃 Readathon category: All Hallows Eve – It was just my sixth choice, with no particular category other than horror.

👻Total books read for the Readathon: 4 out of 6. Not so bad, considering how little time to read I had this month!





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How was your October? Any favorite creepy reads you’d recommend? Are you participating on NaNoWriMo this month?

19 thoughts on “October & Halloween Readathon Wrap-Up

    1. Thank you 🙂 The Call was very entertaining and I loved that the concept was based on Irish mythology (the Sídhe fairies being the villains), so I would recommend it. Anna was less impressive for me, sadly. Maybe I expected it to surpass a Buffy episode and it didn’t, so it felt flat, but it was still fun.

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  1. I only read Anna Dressed in Blood from the books you mentioned, but I actually really like that story.
    I have to admit, The Beauty sounds really strange to me… Like, I can’t even imagine the story without women… But then, it must be good if it was your favorite of the month.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, the interesting thing about The Beauty is that mushrooms started growing where the women were buried… and that’s all I can say without spoiling anything 😛 It’s one of those stories you have to read without knowing much about. It’s unsettling for sure. I don’t know why I love weird reads haha.

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