The Handwriting Tag

Kayla @Kdrewkthebookworm tagged me to do the handwriting tag, which I think is pretty fun, so I gave it a go! Thank you Kayla 😊 Be sure to check out her blog!

The rules are simple: write down the following answers in a piece of paper, take a picture and post it. I’ll write the questions and the people I tagged so you can understand them better and so that the other bloggers can be notified.


My handwriting changes a lot. When I was in school, I would change it every few months because I became bored with how it looked. Now it happens without me realizing it! Apparently now I write in a messy mix between cursive and print. Some days it looks nice, some days it looks like this. Also, my emoji turned out awful and I had to do it again, cut and paste it… oops.


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