Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Villains

Another week, another Top Ten Tuesday, a meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. The topic today is all about the villains. I chose to list some of my favorite villains because they give books life! These are characters I love to hate. I know I’m missing a lot of villains, but these were just the first ones that popped into my head when I read the topic for the week. Let’s check them out.


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When I read Harry Potter, I obviously wanted him to win and be the hero, but I never hated Voldemort. But I did hate Umbridge, with a passion. The description of her office made me nauseous and her punishments to Harry were so sickening. There’s something about a villain with a sweet facade that makes them even worse than serious moody ones, you know?





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The all powerful Titan. A seemingly invincible villain is always great. The stakes are high and the possibilities of winning low. It makes every action the characters make matter and that keeps me at the edge of my seat whilst reading, which I love.






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These demons were a looming evil. We never know exactly how powerful they are or their exact plans, so we can just feel them constantly lurking around the corner. What I loved the most about these demons as villains was how abstract they were. I didn’t know what to expect from them, but they were a threat nonetheless.



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Coraline is such a unique book. Disturbing, magical, funny, and witty. I was so unsettled when I watched the film. I couldn’t believe how scary it was! Then I read the novel and it was just as creepy. The other mother was the perfect villain. Like Umbridge, she was sweet and calculating, growing more dangerous by the minute.






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I can’t remember her name, but she was terrifying! She was manipulative and abusive. She controlled everyone with fear and always brought religion and sin into the conversation. She is one of those characters so purely evil that her presence lingers with you even after you’ve finished the novel.






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More of a symbol than a character, big brother is part of a future we all fear: an omnipresent dictator that controls our every move. The last words of 1984 still haunt me.

7. JOE

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Joe, the witty main character of this novel is a stalker. He does horrible things. He is definitely a terrible person and a villain. Still… what an amazing character! This book was great and it was all mainly because of how Joe is portrayed.




Are any of these some of your favorite villains? Tell me yours!

48 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Villains

  1. I thought Umbridge was horrible! She’s such a villain, I couldn’t love to hate her, I just hated her. In that book Snape was a scary character, but there was something thrilling about whenever he came along and said anything. But Umbridge was just a mean meany who wanted to spoil everything for all the other people.

    This is a good list! I haven’t read any of these books. I like Dracula, he’s a great villain.

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    1. I agree with Snape. He was a interesting villain because he was mysterious and you wanted to know more about him. But Umbridge was plain evil and I just wanted her to be gone! As for Dracula, I haven’t read the original book. But I have to admit he is one of the most interesting villains in popular culture for sure.

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