Book Traveling Thursdays: A book world I would like to live in

Every week, Danielle (from Danielle’s Book Blog) and Cátia (from TheGirlWhoReadTooMuch) host a feature called Book Traveling Thursdays on Goodreads. They give you a topic each Thursday and you choose a book that you think fits. Then comes the fun part: a cover showdown! You post the original cover, the cover from your country (which I won’t be doing most of the times because the books aren’t published here), and then your favorite and least favorite cover from any edition around the world.

This week’s topic is a book that has a world I would like to live in. It wasn’t hard to pick because since I read this book I’ve wanted to live in it just so I could have my own daemon: The Golden Compass / Northern Lights (His Dark Materials #1) by Philip Pullman. It’s got parallel worlds, amazing creatures, and magic everywhere! So let’s check the covers out plus a look at my daemon and a quiz you can take to know yours:




This is the fist edition from the UK. I like the colors and the illustration of the alethiometer, but it’s strange not seeing the author’s name or the title of the novel on the cover. Even though they appear on the spine, I like the cover to identify the book as well!



29977811  312407  LA BUSSOLA D'ORO

On the left we have Russia’s edition, then one from the US (not quite sure, I’m guessing by the name on the cover), and on the right Italy’s. First time a Russian edition appears as a favorite and not as least favorite! I’m in love with that illustration, the font, the colors, everything. The US edition is really cute and I love that they actually included the aurora borealis and that each cover of the trilogy has a different animal on top – together they look awesome. As for Italy’s, I believe it’s an anniversary edition and that’s why it’s more on the serious side, but I think it’s stunning.



17336851   3966062

On the left we have the Bulgarian edition and on the right the Dutch. Bulgaria’s colors make it look like an action book more than an Adventure, and I don’t like the boy in the cover because Will (our second main character in the following books) doesn’t appear in thisone. And the Dutch one… well, nothing says children’s literature like brown, right? It’s such a sad cover, the world seems dead and it’s not magical at all!


Fox my daemon.pngAs a little something extra I decided to take the daemon test from HelloQuizzy. It gives you a type of deamon and the different forms that it could take. Mine was the ‘Solitary Trickster’, which could be a fox, wolf or raccoon. I remember taking a similar test a few years back when I first read the book and it had told me it was a fox too, so that would definitely by my daemon’s form then!

Your daemon would represent your secretive, shy nature, your dislike of conflict, and your ready ability to defend yourself or your friends, should the need arise. He or she would probably stick close to you when you felt nervous or uncomfortable, and provide you with humorous commentaries to keep you smiling.

If you decide to do it, I would love to know your results! Do you have any bookish world you’d like to live in?

22 thoughts on “Book Traveling Thursdays: A book world I would like to live in

    1. I haven’t read Zodiac, but I would also love living in Harry Potter’s world because it’s pretty much this one but with an incredible magical side. By only fear would be being a muggle even there haha


  1. Ahh awesome!! Loved the Daemon test- I got regal soul- which was cool- there were lots to pick from for that one: Lion, Orca, Chimpanzee, African Elephant, Goldfinch- just a shame none of them were orangutans, although chimps are pretty close :p

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  2. When I first picked up this book when I was younger, I don’t think it was for me but I might try it again! I love a good, captivating world :). I think I would love to live in the Harry Potter world because, like The Golden Compass, it’s incredibly magical and has so much history–both for me as a reader but also for their world.

    Thanks for stopping by Princessica of Books!

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    1. Though the Golden Compass is children’s/young adult literature, the underlying themes are very much adult, so your take on it will be different now for sure!


  3. Absolutely love the covers you picked for your favourites!

    I also totally agree with your least favourite book covers as they both look incrediably boring. The Dutch one looks old and boring and the Bulgarian cover is just awful. Those colours are just dreadful and honestly looks cheaply mad.

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  4. Ooh! What a fun meme! I might have to do this one on Thursdays when I don’t post Throwbacks. I saw a game that compares covers on Goodreads in some of the groups there, but I really like that this goes a step further and allows you to explain the likes and dislikes. I never read The Golden Compass when I was younger, but I agree with you on this one – the Russian edition is stunning!

    You have a beautiful blog! I’ve followed you via Bloglovin. =)

    Brittany @ Space Between the Spines

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    1. Aw thank you!! Comparing covers is extremely fun, and I’m ashamed to admit (though not really) that I enjoy finding terrible looking covers haha.


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